FAQ's For Content Creators

Groupieluvv.com is a social media platform where content creator gets paid for the content they share. Above all, we also make it easy for content creators to connect and interact with followers and share sensitive content without any restrictions.

Content Creators can register and also set up a page where they can upload their content (pictures & videos). Moreover, your groupies can also subscribe to your page and tip directly for the content your share with them.

A content creator could be an actor, comedian, artist, model, adult model, makeup artist, or also anything else. If you have a following and create great content that entertains your groupies, you are a content creator.
Moreover, you can upload makeup-tutorials, acting tips, behind-the-scenes footage, live streaming, selfies/pictures, and much more.

At Groupie Luvv, we welcome all content creators to inspire and focus on showcasing their passion and share it with the people.

Basically, you must have over 5,000 followers on mainstream social media platforms to get approve as a content creator on Groupie Luvv. We also review all the registrations and reserve the right to switch your account to a groupie account or cancel accounts that do not qualify.

All content creators must be 18 years or older to use our site. We will review your photo identification. Also, all US-based content creators must submit IRS form W-9.

As a content creator, you can also set up a subscription price for your groupies to subscribe to your page. You can make more money from the tips you get from your groupies. The more groupies you have, and the better your channel performs, you will make more money.

Moreover, keep your groupies engage with regular pictures, videos, and live streams to keep getting tips and attract more groupies via social media sharing.

Yes, whether you are doing a voice call, or also  sharing images or videos. You control what and how much you get paid.

  • Voice Calling – You can set up the limit and time of how much you would like to earn through a call.

  • Paid Images – You can put a price for each image you create and also sell through social media platforms.

  • Paid Video – You can set up the exact amount for each video you create and also sell at a good price.

Content creators who generate income over $100.00 will receive payouts once they submit a withdrawal request the funds will be sent via direct deposit or paxum account.

Yes, your page and content will be easily accessible to your subscribers via mobile devices. You can entertain your followers on all kinds of devices and browsers.

As a content creator, we expect you to hold to all legalities of online content sharing. We do not allow the following content in these categories:

Underage Material Real or Simulated, Necrophilia, No Blood (Real or Simulated), No Asphyxiation, Hardcore Bondage, Vomit, Scat (Feces), No Pissing/Peeing (Urine), No Weapons, No Drugs.

Yes, certain conditions can result in a ban on your account. We do not allow our content creators to offer sex services such as escort, escort services, meet and greet, etc. Offering such services can get your account banned and deleted.

Yes. You will have an option to delete your account. You must notify all your subscribers of your account closure. Once you notify your subscribers and us, we will wait 120 days to remove your account.